Lack of Hate EP

by Limb to Limb

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Our debut 5 song EP, recorded just before Summer 2014, featuring "... Something About Death?"


released October 1, 2014

Charlotta Ekebergh
Vincent Holmes
Nicos Christodoulou
Massimo Tortella
Ben Nicoll



all rights reserved


Limb to Limb London, UK

We play riffs. Big. Filthy. Riffs.

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Track Name: Stealing Noises
Swim through lucid dreams of amber
Dive into the dust that holds up your soul
Drown in misery and anger
Yellow turns to red and burns self control

Pulling on the strings
You weaved from agony
Breaking halos and ripping out their wings
Your vision distorted by greed to the point you can’t see

Bleeding angels stalk the skyline
While primates like yourself and raping the group
Stealing months and years from my time
Stealing noises so I can’t make a sound
Track Name: ... Something About Death?
Twisting the words that are still in my throat
You drag me way down to lift yourself higher
Delicately place a catalyst inside
Of heinous, wretched, dark desires

Shot a blind man
With a gun
To justify you calling me
Unholy scum
So wish me well
‘Cause I’m going straight to hell

What’s grey to my eyes is coal black to yours
And therefore you judge me for how I see colour
The distance between us absorbs your compassion
Endlessly making your consciousness duller

Convinced I’m a monster, a looser, a fiend
‘Cause I see with my ears and you don’t with your eyes
Fooling yourself into thinking you’re something
Delusional, falsely insisting that I am

About something
But saying nothing
With every inch of my breath
… Something about death?
Track Name: Indigo
Deep shades
Of indigo
Spill into my periphery
Ever so slow
They bleed
Into my head
Diluting the shades of red
I feel
The gravity
Lifting me up into the sky
Ever so weak
I split
My right lung
In panic, inhaling my tongue

Sell me some time
And I’ll give you mine
A life so sublime
Vacant, painful, wasted, shameful
Please just sell me some time
Track Name: Needles & Pins
Joy and misery
Sound the same to me
Manufactured mind
Made to torture mine

A cry of rage from within
You give me needles and pins

Pulsing through my head
Silent words you bled
All over the stage
The fucking mess you made

A cry of rage from within
You give me needles and pins
Your lack of hate is a sin
Track Name: Stain
If I could
I’d bury you
With the ideologies you still hold true
And if I did
I’d burn the grave
To rid the earth of memories of your disgusting ways

‘Cause I envy
Your audacity to disbelieve
So please just tell me
Why we should even let you fucking breathe

I wonder why
There’s a crack the sky
Whenever you open your fucking eyes

Every word
You exhale
Leaves a stain
In the air
You prevail
To live in the skin that you don’t deserve to wear